by Aperture

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released December 19, 2010



all rights reserved


Aperture Monza, Italy

We are Five Negative Youth hardcore band from Monza formed in 2010 in the veins of Have Heart,Killing The Dream, Carpathian, Birds In Row, Defeater, Touche Amore and Converge

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Track Name: Tale of a Man
He was a man without fear who fought for the right, he had no enemies, he had no mercy.he had no fear..

(The)Time made him wise and stronger.He Chose to hand down his wisdom to young guys. He said:

"So...everybody, kids, this is the story of how i became a everywhere feared powerful warrior now watch me rise" (watch me rise)

"So....everybody kids, this is the story of how i left my fake glory,fame and i've become wise now watch me sink" (watch me sink)

Take out your sword and bear high your name of lord.

(Hit your enemies straight in the heart,Hit your enemies in the deep of their souls)

Let the blade fall before you take it,

(Hit your enemies straight in the heart,Hit your enemies in the deep of their souls)

Strike with mind,strike with mind and cut with words..

"A man without fear knows that the weapon is sharper than the word, a man without fear respects his life, respects the nature and nature respects him too, creating an armony of interior peace, that lets him able to say everything, to scream his

thoughts. A man whitout fear is a man who knows the fear but who turns him his back and goes on.

So guys i'm done, i can't teach you everything, but i can help you to look into yourselves.
Track Name: I Try, I Die
It's raining on me, looking up there, I shorten that this is THE BEGINNING.

walking my life,under the rain,closed in my mind
music breaks in my ears,
thinking of world's pain,
hood over my head
walk on my way
screams pierce my being,
people that appear empty,
Without life reason .

(No one fights for his own ideal,nobody fights for something.)


I try,I die..

(This (is who) I am)
I fight every fucking day

(This (is who) we are)
Warriors for an ideal

Fight for the right
(Change the world)

Screaming, shout louder (than) you can,
made to feel,don't fear opinion of others.
Small actions lead to great things.
If you can't, at least we know YOU TRIED.
He had fought.
Track Name: Lions and Prays

In our contry, in our world this fucking shit is spreading like false love,
false idols looking like good men, in their backround only money and fame.
this shit can't go on, our life si controled , by a gruop of people that OWNS US ALL

Open your eyes and face the truth,don't fear to approach it!
Fight for what belongs to you and your brothers,
live free or die we want answers from all this!
they are the lions, we are the the preys.

Nature ,laws and never respected rights
lies that come with bad truths in our lifes


Why does everyone belive
in the people that have the world in their hands?
Nations have debts that will never been closed.
We can't talk, express ourselfeves AS WE WANT.


Where will this world end?
What do we want go give to our sons?
A world that desires FREEDOM
But nothing now looks like it