To Live Alone / To Die Alone

by Aperture

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This is our first EP release.
All songs written by Aperture in 2012.

"To Live Alone / To Die Alone" is recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Bonanomi at Noise Factory.


released February 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Aperture Monza, Italy

We are Five Negative Youth hardcore band from Monza formed in 2010 in the veins of Have Heart,Killing The Dream, Carpathian, Birds In Row, Defeater, Touche Amore and Converge

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Track Name: Prelude
Blond hair, red lips in my head. Same thoughts, same things we have one mind. Each of your flaws become valuable. Those cold eyes freeze my blood and my mind.

Your eyes kill me.

For those moments when you looked at me, making my heart beat faster than ever. Starting to look at you with different eyes, beginning to understand that i love you. I know this might hurt me but I know it could be beautiful, I can't continue to live with all this inside me.

No one can save me from this.

This is my hell, Sweetie, your eyes. Your voice smoothes out my soul and makes me feel alive. Cause i know that you're my pain, you are like a needle in my fuckin vein.
We want what we don't have and i fall in this endless love.

Your eyes kill me.
Track Name: Downward Spiral
Thinkin' it could be a different story, I fell into the limbo of this damned plague hoping it could be better this time. I tore down the ice that covered my frozen heart exposing my flesh to what could be my salvation.
Madness became my daily bread, obsession keeps me sleepless while my body wastes away, feeding itself with my light. Day after day in the darkness, listenin' to melodies that isolate me, waiting for traces of you.
I fell down into an abyss of hate.I hate myself for not being enough for your eyes, enough for your fuckin' eyes.I don't see other faces, I don't see other hearts, my eyes are only for you.

I hate you far from me.
I love you close to me.

Illude myself of frames that were never achieved and when I realize that it' s only an illusion of my mind, the hate grows becoming ink for my pen that skims fast on paper, absorbing all the words that my soul cries.
I drowned my heart in the ice of your eyes, I tried to rip this pain from my chest.

I'm closed in the cage,
closed in the cage that has one key lost in your heart.
Lost in your fuckin heart.

I'm alone.
Track Name: Negative Youth
They call us "negative youth" amazed in grief by this harsh world.

Friendships come and go and never last, what you think exists never is the way it seems torn by my feelings many times but this heart never stopped to beat for you. I was killed in the depths of within.

Pain, set me free.
...and i won't live this life without you.

I don't want to think, sing and breathe, I don't care to live and die without you, cause you are the only one that i need.

(How many times i wish to hold you)
How many things i wanted to tell you,
(how many times i wish to kiss you)
how many nights i die thinking of you,
how many nights i die looking at you,
and every time, every time, every time i die.

This life is too short to show how much i hate you,
this life is too short to show how much i love you.
I should destroy the world just to let me feel your heart in my hand,
but fear consumes me and I drown.
Let me die in hope.
Even though I know I'll never be in your thoughts I can get out of this curse you call love.

This love kills me.
Why does love kill me?

Looking for your touch that heat you have within,
cause the fire you have inside always burn,
you push me away and i burn in the flame of depression
and your heart beat slower and slower until the silence...
Track Name: Unrequited Love
Nothing can save, nothing can change what we are, I know every single tear shed until now never became what I have always planned in my mind. There aren't butterflies in my guts but black crows that rip out my heart, I try to keep you away but my thoughts are still screaming your name. (again)
Leave me alone.

After I found words to tell you what i felt I've found just locked doors, nothing goes on. I can't erase you from within, cause you're the only one that I have ever loved in my life and your words resound in my head strike out at my brain makin' my body look like stone. How many scars formed on my skin that will never go away cause you're my chemical romance.

Nothing can save, nothing can change what we are but those feelings start leaving us behind, there's no pain deeper than love, but those wounds can make you feel strong.

That's what we are, lost souls in this world, to live and to die.
That's what we are, lost souls in this world, to live and to die alone.

We live, we die alone.